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We are a dynamic research group at the USC Marshall Business School. The statistics group consists of 17 full-time faculty. The group’s main research interests span the frontiers of modern theoretical and applied statistical methodology in large-scale, high-dimensional, and complex data settings. The prominent directions include statistical machine learning and inference, optimization, personal decision-making, causal inference, theoretical understanding and uncertainty quantification of deep learning, privacy learning, graphical models, functional data analysis, statistical networks analysis, predictive inference and shrinkage methodology, conformal inference, and applications in economics, financial econometrics, marketing, finance, and other business disciplines.


29 Feb 2024

Mladen Kolar has been selected as a recipient of the 2024 Junior Leo Breiman Award for his outstanding contributions to high-dimensional statistical methodology, probabilistic graphical models and optimization methods.

11 Jan 2024

Mladen Kolar joins the The Annals of Statistics editorial board.

4 Jan 2024

Yingying Fan will deliver a Keynote Lecture at the 2024 International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) China Conference in June 2024.

7 Sep 2023

Our PhD student Rashmi won multiple awards, including the first prize at the 2023 Graduate Student Research Conference at NISS, a second prize at the student poster competition in the SNAB 2023 and a travel award for the 2023 IISA annual conference.

10 Aug 2023

Yingying Fan just presented the IMS Medallion Lecture in JSM 2023.

8 Aug 2023

Adel Javanmard presented at the Annals of Statistics Special Invited Session at JSM 2023.

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